makochibana asked a question
Ahhhh Frites, but can you imagine if Makoto sleeps on the futon but still awkwardly reaches up to grab Haru (who sleeps very close to the edge of the bed so that Makoto can feel he is there) and he stays like that until he dozes off and his arm falls down

-Yes. YES! Except what if Makoto doesn’t let go.
So they choose to sleep together to avoid that problem.


Anonymous asked:

can you draw Sei fucking Aoba while Aoba calls him “nii-san” please? and maybe Sei says something about how Aoba is his “precious baby brother”? *sweats nervously*

Anonymous asked:

you know what this blog needs? SeiAo. All i want is Aoba getting topped by his sweet older brother. That’s all i want. Happy birthday, Aoba and Sei.

haha i forgot it was their birthday

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